Property Insurance

You need property insurance to avoid such high financial risks arising from damaged properties.
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Property Insurance

Property insurance offers compensation to the insured if their properties get damaged. Your properties are vital to your everyday living that is why they are kept at home and in safe places. If they get damaged, owners will be faced with the financial risk of getting them replaced. However, there will be no need to take on such risks if you have property insurance.

Property insurance Coverage

Properties such as furniture, clothing, and electrical appliances can be listed in your content coverage for the policy to ensure that you do not suffer financial losses as a result of damage to them.

Property INSURANCE Policy

Your property insurance policy pays for repairs or replacement in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that your policy covers. Damages to properties can be caused by fire, flood, and even theft. The effect of such damages can vary from the damage of some properties to a complete ruining of all your belongings.

ES Insurance
PROPERTY Insurance Policy

Therefore, you need property insurance to avoid such high financial risks arising from damaged properties. ESI can provide this. Contact us to get started.

Motorcycle Insurance

In the event that your motorcycle got stolen, vandalized, or damaged by an accident. With ESI motorcycle insurance coverage, you can be compensated in each of the circumstances listed above.

Renters Insurance

This policy is for those that are livings in rented apartments. It doesn't cover the structure of the home. However, if the tenant put up a structure in the home, it can be covered by this renters insurance policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This Policy provides insurance coverage for the information in your computer & database so that in the event of a cyber-attack, hacking, or bugs, you'll be compensated for the financial burden.

Umbrella Insurance

This policy makes provision for the excesses that other forms of liability insurance do not cover. It does not provide coverage for the property of the insured but for damages to someone’s property to them that are not covered.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy compensates your company in case of loss. Large companies, farms, and ranches can take advantage of this policy to advertise any possibility of liabilities not covered by their policy.

Homeowners Insurance

This policy provides compensation in the event of damage to the physical structures of your home. This will protect you against financial loss as a result of damages caused to your properties by fire, flood, and other hazards.

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