Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance protects professionals like accountants, lawyers, and physicians from claims of negligence that can be brought up by clients. In the course of rendering your professional services, you need to have this insurance coverage so that you will not suffer untold financial losses due to errors and mistakes.


The effect of such mistakes and errors can be devastating to clients. Most of them may file a legal suit against you or your company for the loss that they suffered.

If you have this professional liability insurance you will enjoy the following benefits.

ES Insurance

Coverage for errors

Getting this policy is the right thing to do because errors and mistakes can occur at any time leading to financial losses. It can even badly affect your career. Your ability to pull through when it happens depends on your professional liability insurance cover.

Compensation for settlements

If you are found liable in the course of practicing your profession, you may pay a huge sum of money as a settlement if you do not have professional liability insurance.

Your brand integrity is protected

Your brand name is very important. It will not be good for a brand you have worked so hard to build to be faced with a suit from clients due to negligence.

Professional liability insurance covers claims from negligence and mistake.

ESi is bringing this professional liability insurance policy to you. Get this policy to ensure that your career and company are protected from the effects of errors and mistakes in the profession. Contact ESi for this service.

Workers Compensation Benefit

ESI offers workers’ compensation benefits to ensure that the organization doesn’t have to bear the financial burden for work related injuries to employees.

Property Liability Insurance

Property liability insurance covers a wide range of areas. Farm and ranch owners as well as all business owners and individuals need to have property liability insurance with ESI.

Cyber liability insurance

Many people are working from home now and they are exposed to risk from hackers and computer viruses that can lead to loss of vital client data.

Homeowners Insurance

This policy provides compensation in the event of damage to the physical structures of your home. This will protect you against financial loss as a result of damages caused to your properties by fire, flood, and other hazards.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance compensates for losses on any movable property, especially products that are in transit.

Hired Auto Average

Hired auto coverage is an insurance policy that provides coverage for vehicles that are hired or borrowed for business purposes.

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