Plant Nursery Insurance

Nurseries grow plants from seeds, cuttings, or grafts, and propagate them to consumable size. These propagated plants include flowers, garden fruits and vegetables, herbs, shrubs, groundcovers and trees.

Running a plant nursery can be challenging and you need to have the right nursery and greenhouse insurance to cover your operation. There are a number of different commercial insurance policies that you can look at and you need to know what they are.

You should also know what each policy will do for your business to better understand their importance.

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Plant Nursery Insurance

Plant nursery, especially horticultural business ventures such as: retail nursery, plants, shrubs, etc. involve risks (both onsite and offsite) that are beyond man’s control. In order to cover for losses, it is wise to seek insurance across every area in this business venture.

Plant Nursery Insurance is determined by the structure and stock, equipment used as well as seasonal effects based on geographic location. We understand the needs of such business ventures as experts in this field, and our professional team will assist you in selecting a policy that suits your requirements.

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There are several commercial insurance policies that can be considered. These polices cover the following:

  • Content and stock
  • Premises, equipment, special structures such as glasshouses, igloos or special shades
  • Large farm equipment (land-movers, tractors etc.)
  • Vehicle insurance to cover delivery vehicles
  • Goods in transit – including both stock and contents transported to and from the facility
  • Environmental liability
  • Public liability
  • Employers’ liability

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