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ESI provides a wide range of motorcycle insurance policies for you.

Many things can go wrong if you are not under a motorcycle insurance cover. Your motorcycle can be stolen, vandalized, or damaged by an accident; you will pay the medical bills for bodily injuries and bear the cost of replacement all alone if the need arises.

But with ESI motorcycle insurance you can be compensated in each of the instances above.

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Collisions involving motorcycles often leave damage and devastation behind. A motorcycle can be damaged and many other financial implications can arise if you are not covered by motorcycle insurance. This collision coverage ensures that you get compensation for repair and even replacement when a collision accident occurs.  

Comprehensive Coverage

Aside from collision, fire, vandalism, theft can also have serious financial consequences. Comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides financial compensation for the replacement and repairs of a damaged motorcycle. It does not leave out any damage to your motorcycle no matter the cause.

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Motocycle Insurace
Owners Liability

You can get liability insurance for your motorcycle especially when an accident occurs leading to bodily injuries on third parties and you are at fault. Without this coverage, you will be held financially responsible for the payment of medical bills of those injured in the accident. The financial burden of properties damaged by the accident will also be on you.

That is why you need this motorcycle insurance. Contact ESi to get started.  

Inland marine insurance

Inland marine insurance compensates for losses on any movable property, especially products that are in transit.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is an insurance coverage that protects your vehicle from damages from incidents other than collisions.

Liability car insurance

Liability car insurance is an insurance policy that provides financial cover for a driver who accidentally harms someone or their property with his vehicle.

Hired auto coverage

Hired auto coverage is an insurance policy that provides coverage for vehicles that are hired or borrowed for business purposes.

cyber liability insurance

Many people are working from home now and they are exposed to risk from hackers and computer viruses that can lead to loss of vital client data.

Equipment insurance

Breakdown of equipment can cause delays in service delivery which is not good for business.

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