Lifestock Insurance

As a reliable livestock insurance agent, ESi provides coverage for losses of animals.

It covers standard farm animals such as poultry, horses, exotic or aquatic animals. The policy covers cases where the loss occurs while animals are in transit on the farm.


Having livestock insurance coverage will save you the financial burden of taking care of sick animals and replacing dead ones in the event of theft, injury, or death. Your livestock insurance will provide financial compensation for the loss.

This livestock insurance coverage will enable farm owners to properly manage resources and avoid unplanned expenses due to injuries or death to livestock.

ESi is concerned about helping farm owners through financial uncertainties. This is why we offer livestock insurance to cover damages to animals on the farmland.

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Protection against liabilities

You can be held liable for damages caused by your livestock. Animals can injure your employees or damage property when you take your eyes off them for a second. Getting this policy is a sure way to avoid the financial implications of such liabilities.

Livestock replacement

With livestock insurance, you will be paid in full or partially if you suffer from the loss of livestock. Business owners don’t have to worry about covering the cost of replacement as the insurance policy covers that. The need for replacement can be caused by stray animals that may wander far away from sight and when they die.

ES Insurance
Livestock insurance
Treatment of injured livestock

Livestock often gets injured on the farm and these injuries can lead to death without treatment. In some cases, they even require surgical treatment and this incurs medical expenses for their owners. ESi livestock insurance coverage will ensure that you do not bear the financial burden alone. 

Injuries can also leave your farm animals permanently incapacitated or unable to deliver as they should. In situations like this, the animal insurance coverage will compensate the owner based on the policy terms

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