Liability car insurance covers injuries and damages to a third party. This policy provides coverage from claims which come as a result of injuries of damages to people. This ensures that the company doesn’t have to worry about bearing this burden.


Every car owner is at risk of being involved in an accident, and in some situations you could be responsible for the damages. Some of these damages are too expensive to cover on a short notice. In this situation, the liability car policy steps up. 

ESI offers liability car insurance to ensure that your business doesn’t have to bear the financial responsibility when employees are injured by the organization’s vehicles. 

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Injury Cover

With Liability car insurance, policy holders are covered in the event of an accident where they are responsible. This ensures that they don’t have to cover the third party’s emergency bills, medical expense, and funeral costs. The insurance policy also covers the holder’s legal fees in cases where the accident results in a lawsuit.

Property damage cover

Liability car insurance covers the financial costs of repairing the third party’s car and other property when a policy holder is involved in an accident. This policy also covers the replacement cost if the property is completely damaged. This ensures that the business doesn’t have to lose funds when accidents occur.

Contact ESI to get any of the Liability car insurance policies discussed. You can also select the policies that best suit you.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is an insurance coverage that protects your vehicle from damages from incidents other than collisions.

Motorcycle Insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance

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Liability Car Insurance

Liability car insurance is an insurance policy that provides financial cover for a driver who accidentally harms someone or their property with his vehicle.

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