Homeowners Insurance

Losses and damages can be caused to personal properties and homes of individuals. This could also involve liabilities due to injuries or damage done to other persons within the home.

Homeowners insurance provides compensation in the event of damage to the physical structures of your home. Hazards such as weather factors can cause damage to the structure which can expose your personal properties to more damage. 

Since it is meant to handle uncertainties that can occur at any time, you should get this homeowners insurance policy. You will be compensated for the cost of repairs. 

ES Insurance

Personal Property

Personal properties and belongings damaged by the disaster will be compensated by your homeowners insurance policy. This will protect you against financial loss as a result of damages caused to your properties by fire, flood, and other hazards.  

Your homeowners insurance policy also covers liabilities. This involves damage to the properties of other persons or bodily injuries in your home that you can be held liable for. This policy provides financial compensation for their medical bills. You will also not face the risk of being sued alone as your homeowners’ insurance policy will compensate you all the way. 

The extent of coverage depends on your policy. That is why you should contact ESI to get your homeowners insurance policy to avoid financial risks related to your home.

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