Equipment Insurance

Breakdown of equipment can cause delays in service delivery which is not good for business.

Equipment insurance coverage for businesses ensures that the operations of a business are not interrupted as a result of damage, breakdown, or loss of business equipment. Damages and breakdown of equipment can cause delays in service delivery which is not good for business.

It can make their clients lose confidence in the brand and worst of all, it can lead to unplanned financial expenses for the business.

ES Insurance

Equipment Insurance Coverage

But with the equipment insurance coverage, you will be compensated for financial losses as a result of equipment breakdown.

Damage caused by internal forces such as operator errors, mechanical breakdown, motor burnouts, and unusually high currents from electricity can cause equipment breakdown.

It Covers both Repair and Replacement Costs

This equipment insurance coverage is available to a wide range of needs such as electrical damage to equipment, mechanical damages. As a form of property insurance, it does not only cover big machinery and equipment but it also covers air conditioner damages, losses due to boilers and pressure vessels. 

You can cover just any equipment with this equipment insurance coverage to ensure that your business does not incur unplanned financial expenses as a result of their breakdown.

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ESi seeks to help businesses avoid financial losses due to equipment breakdown.

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Commercial umbrella insurance

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