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Enoch Stevenson Insurance provides affordable Delaware Insurance quotes for farms, farm houses, family homes, boats, Auto and much more.

Get suitable insurance coverage options for individuals, families, or your businesses. We specialize in Insurance for farms & agriculture related assets. Call ESI and let us protect what you value most.

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We offer affordable insurance coverage for personal property, businesses and farmers. Give us a call for a quick insurance quote on a policy that fits your needs.
Whole Life Insurance policy like all other life insurance policies provides a lump sum as compensation to the beneficiary of an insured persons throughout their lifetime. It is unique for having a special cash value package.
Crop Insurance
ESI Farm Insurance

As a reliable farmers insurance agent, ESi offers crop insurance to protect farmers against damage to products in the field by flood, fire and other disasters.

When crops are damaged in the field by certain factors, it is not just crops that have been damaged but the money that has been wasted.

ESI Business Insurance

It is an insurance policy that compensates workers in the event of an accident while working.

This workers compensation insurance policy is widely known as (workers’ comp). It is an insurance policy that compensates workers in the event of an accident while working.

Successful company with happy workers in office

Losses and damages can be caused to personal properties and houses of individuals. This could also involve liabilities due to injuries or damage done to other persons within the home.

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