Cyber Liability Insurance

Many people are working from home now and they are exposed to risk from hackers and computer viruses that can lead to loss of vital client data.

Their personal computers are connected to those of the organization that they work for and they are exposed to risks. Cyber liability insurance is similar to network security insurance.

They are exposed to risks because computers at home are less protected. Hacks can cause a lot of damage to information when a computer is hacked or compromised by a virus.

ESi Insurance

Coverage for loss of client contact details

Information like phone numbers, emails, residential addresses are at risk when a system is hacked. This can have serious implications on a company’s information management system.

Account details lost

Hackers can get hold of account details by compromising computer systems. That can also happen due to virus attacks that can corrupt files that contain sensitive client account information.

Sensitive health information lost

Sensitive health details can also be lost due to cyber-attacks. Health information that should have been kept secret can be taken over by hackers. The resultant effect can be devastating because the company can be sued and made to pay huge fines.

The resultant effect of cyber-attacks, hacking, or virus attack can be devastating because the entire information database can be lost.

ES Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance at ESI

ESI provides insurance coverage when an organization’s information system is compromised by hackers or virus attacks. They may need to create a new database or do an update on their information management system.

The ESI team is ready to attend to your needs. Contact us to get suitable cyber liability insurance.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This policy compensates your company in case of loss. Large companies, farms, and ranches can take advantage of this policy to advertise any possibility of liabilities not covered by their policy.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance protects professionals like accountants, lawyers, and physicians from claims of negligence that can be brought up by clients. you need to have this insurance coverage so that you will not suffer untold financial losses due to errors and mistakes.

Umbrella Insurance

This policy makes provision for the excesses that other forms of liability insurance do not cover. It does not provide coverage for the property of the insured but for damages to someone’s property to them that are not covered.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance compensates for losses on any movable property, especially products that are in transit. It ensures you get compensated for damages done to your property or assets while there are being transported.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This workers compensation insurance policy is widely known as (workers’ comp). It is an insurance policy that compensates workers in the event of injuries incurred or accidents while working.

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