Collision Insurance

Collision insurance at ESI protects the policy holder from damage sustained to their automobile due to the fault of the policy holder.
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Collision Insurance

Usually a car owner has to fund the repair of the automobile, and depending on the damage it can be quite expensive.

Unlike liability insurance, collision insurance comes in even when you are found to be responsible for a car crash or accident. Collision insurance covers a wide range of accident situations such as:

· An accident in which only your car is involved

· An accident between your car and another object, where the object is damaged

· It also covers accident accidents between your vehicle and another vehicle that results in damages

Collision insurance is important for everyone who owns a car to prevent financial cost that is incurred due to damages. When an accident occurs, someone is always at fault and it could be you. This policy ensures that you are covered in such scenarios.

This car insurance policy is made to suit your needs so contact us now to get the right car insurance coverage. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about an uncertain future incident. At ESI, we offer collision insurance which covers all damages from accidents in which you are responsible. You don’t have to cover the costs of these unfortunate situations. Call us to request a quote today.

Hired Auto Coverage

Hired auto coverage is an insurance policy that provides coverage for vehicles that are hired or borrowed for business purposes.

Cyber Liability Insurance

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Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is an insurance coverage that protects your vehicle from damages from incidents other than collisions.

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