Business Insurance

Running a company comes with its challenges, and it often necessitates risking your personal finances. It is wise to manage risk minimize uncertainties and protect livelihood.

Business insurance  protects your equipment and machinery for your business. It ensures that the business owner, employees and stakeholders are protected from the risks.

ES Insurance

Business Insurance

When businesses shut down temporarily due to fire incident or unforeseen circumstances, it leads to losses. Business Income insurance is an insurance policy that compensates the business by replacing income and expenses that they lost during the temporal shut down. They will be compensated if the disaster is covered in their policy. 

We offer a variety of policies that cover SMEs, tradespeople, professionals, hospitality businesses and more. The type of business you run determines the type of policies you require, mainly to protect company assets and any legal liabilities. 

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ESI provide polices that covers the following: Workers’ compensation, Professional indemnity/liability, Property, Public liability, Theft and burglary, Money, Commercial vehicle, Motor vehicle accident personal injuries insurance, Tax audit insurance, Deterioration of stock, Business interruption, Employee fraud or dishonesty, Machinery/Equipment breakdown, Goods in transit/property in transit insurance, Computer and electronic equipment.

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